Lash Services

Eyelash Extensions

Voted Best Lash Extensions in Atlanta, Buckhead Lash Studio provides the finest quality lashes by the most highly trained team in Atlanta. Our premium lash extensions are applied 1:1 to the natural lash for a longer, fuller and darker lash look that feels soft and comfortable. Since the extensions grow and shed with the natural lash, most clients return in 2-3 weeks for a Relash appointment to maintain a full and healthy look.  With hundreds of length, thickness and curl combinations, your set of lash extensions will be customized specifically for you.





 Our Eyelash Extension Services

Classic Eyelash Extensions

Our most popular service! Extensions are applied 1:1 to the natural lash for a customized look with a full set of 80 eyelash extensions per eye. If you like a mascara look, this is for you! 1.5 hours | $295



Demi Set Eyelash Extensions

A half Classic set for a “lighter than mascara” look. 1 hour | $175



Classic Relash (existing clients only) 

Maintain the fullness of your Classic or Demi set by replacing those that have naturally shed. Most Classic clients Relash every 2-3 weeks and Demi clients every 1-1.5 weeks. 60-90 minutes.

– 1-2 weeks $85 Book Now
– 3 weeks $95 Book Now
– 4 weeks $110 Book Now

After 4 weeks without a Relash appointment, a new full set will be required.


Volume Eyelash Extensions

Multiple finer extensions are fanned and applied to the natural lash for a voluminous, fluffy lash look with 200-300 eyelash extensions per eye. Ideal for clients who have fewer natural lashes or gaps along the lash line. 2 hours | $395


Volume Relash (existing clients only)

Maintain the fullness of your Volume set by replacing those that have naturally shed. Most clients choose to Relash every 2-3 weeks. 75-105 minutes.

– 1-2 weeks $120 Book Now
– 3 weeks $130 Book Now
– 4 weeks $145 Book Now

After 4 weeks without a Relash appointment, a new full set will be required.


Men’s Eyelash Extensions

Conservative set for men seeking a natural look. $175


Lash Removal

Due to wide variation in application products and standards, we do not Relash extensions that have been applied by other salons. Please schedule a lash removal prior to your full set application. $65


Allergy Test

For those who have extremely sensitive eyes and would like to see if they can comfortably wear eyelash extensions. Five eyelash extensions will be placed on each eye to test for sensitivity. $35



How to Take Care of Your Eyelash Extensions

Before Your Lash Appointment

Please carefully remove eye makeup, moisturizers or eye cream to your appointment. If you wear contacts, please wear your glasses to your appointment. You may resume wearing your contacts after your appointment.


After Your Lash Appointment

Plan to keep your lashes dry for 3 hours (no sweat, shower or steam) and make sure to use a compatible cleanser, mascara and eyeliner on the lashes.

The following activities should be avoided while wearing eyelash extensions as they will weaken the adhesive bond and result in premature lash loss:

  • Use of oil based makeup & skincare around the eyelash area
  • Use of waterproof mascara or eyeliner
  • Use of mechanical or heated eyelash curlers
  • Excessive rubbing of eyes or pulling on eyelashes
  • Chemical treatments, such as eyelash tinting or perming